Digital and Print Branding Essentials Portfolio Sample showing Design Advocate on mobile, tablet and business card and stationery.
A Business Card for Every Occasion - A look behind the template. Created by Design Advocate.
Take a Peek at my Brand Guide - Essential for every professional business looking for growth and expansion. Created by Design Advocate.
Packaging Design for Take-Away created by Design Advocate showing paper bags and boxes
Take-Away Business Cards designed by Design Advocate, showing a stack of 4 cards
Essential Stationery Sets designed by Design Advocate showing Headed Letter, Envelope and Business Card front and back
Work at a different speed. Part of the 'Midweek Oblique' series of posts based on quotes from Eno and Schmidt's Oblique Strategies cards. Post content written by Stuart from Design Advocate, a branding and design specialist.
Web Style Guide Sample for the Design Advocate Portfolio, showing an overview of branding applied to web elements like blog posts, sign up forms and images.