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If you’re here, you must appreciate the importance of design and its key role in communicating your brand message.

This doesn’t happen by accident and when you get it wrong, your business suffers. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay like that. So take your business to the next level and give your brand the professional, confident and consistent look it deserves.

Like to know more first? Continue reading to see what makes me tick as a creative, the sort of design solutions I offer and the benefits to your brand.

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I’m a passionate advocate of making your visual communication work hard for you and serve your purpose. I can help focus your entrepreneurial instinct and craft solutions to your design problems.

I obviously love design but I’m bothered about the way I do business too. A conversation is the best way to get to know me, but in the meantime these are some of the things I value in the way I work and who I work with.

– responding to problems thoughtfully, creatively and for the long term
– as you’d like others to, honestly, openly and directly
Open Door
– what you do and the way you do it matters to those you do it for
– own others motivations and priorities and deliver them
– dynamic people are always changing to produce durable success
– create the change you want to see in the world
– measured multi-tasking for efficient not frantic activity
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Whenever we reach out to our target audience, we need to craft our message with skill and expertise. The marketplace is competitive in every way imaginable and a competitive edge is what we’re all looking for.

I have the skills to help you communicate your message and brand more effectively with a consistent and distinctive visual style.

Common design areas that I can offer services in.

Present consistent and effective style with thoughtful design
Make the right statement with all client communication
Give your product the introduction it deserves
Tie your print and digital style together with responsive design
Stand out for the right reasons and communicate successfully
Ensure your message outlasts the freebies you give away
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at my work

Getting a look at the quality of work you’re investing is an important part of the process of choosing a designer. That is super important, but I hope you’ll find these samples of work helpfully inspiring for your own business and see why design matters.

Good design communicates well because it makes good creative thinking visible. Of course, it’s the thinking that makes the difference.


Vader crushing it on my portfolio sample for a Christmas T-Shirt jumper design by Design Advocate

Digital and Print Branding Essentials Portfolio Sample showing Design Advocate on mobile, tablet and business card and stationery.

A Business Card for Every Occasion - A look behind the template. Created by Design Advocate.

Take a Peek at my Brand Guide - Essential for every professional business looking for growth and expansion. Created by Design Advocate.

Packaging Design for Take-Away created by Design Advocate showing paper bags and boxes

Take-Away Business Cards designed by Design Advocate, showing a stack of 4 cards

Essential Stationery Sets designed by Design Advocate showing Headed Letter, Envelope and Business Card front and back

Web Style Guide Sample for the Design Advocate Portfolio, showing an overview of branding applied to web elements like blog posts, sign up forms and images.

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It’s easy to put off a choice, but you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch. Stop letting things get on top of you and get the help you need to take your business to the next level.

Remember time is your most valuable commodity.

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Every effort is taken to ensure your personal information is secure and be assured your data will not be sold or given away to a 3rd party. This is about us working together and nothing more, I'll respond to you by e-mail initially and then further contact will be as required to suit your needs as we move forward.

If you’d prefer to get in touch via your own e-mail app, you can click here, or you can copy my e-mail address stuart@bdmdesign.co.uk and use it directly.