Essential Stationery Sets

Unless you have an online business that doesn’t produce anything physical and only interacts with customers via a virtual presence, you’re going to need some form of printed material that represents your business.

And that is why it matters. It represents your business. What you put in the hands of your customers, clients or business partners is saying something more than just what’s written on it. Paper quality, design and print all communicate something about your brand.

As a minimum essential stationery set, I’d recommend business cards, paper and envelopes. The example shown is a mock up for Bao. I like the mock-up sample as it helps client and designer see what’s being produced in the context of its use.

A hi-res mock-up of an essential stationery set created by Design Advocate
Taking your business seriously? It really is essential.

I like to take advantage of the edge to edge printing that comes with getting a professional print job. You see this on the business cards and header letter. The bold brand pattern really makes an impact and sets the correspondence and contact details apart. The simple brand embellishment on the envelope provides some interest and texture without being overly intrusive, allowing the address to maintain its primary focus.

Colour palette choices when you intend to produce a print design in addition to digital need careful thought as what can look good on a screen isn’t reproducible in print. I always make a point in designing brand colour schemes to ensure that what looks good digitally is possible to recreate in print. The Bao brand colours is specified with RGB and HEX values for digital and CMYK and Pantone equivalent for print. You’d be amazed how a great colour on screen will always fall flat when you print it. Getting this right is not straightforward.

Have a look at some more mock-ups of the Bao brand or enjoy a wander through my portfolio.

Essential Stationery Sets designed by Design Advocate showing Headed Letter, Envelope and Business Card front and back
It’s what you need as a minimum!